The faculty are well qualified with master degree in nursing and have enough experience in teaching to handle all the specialty subjects and train them to be clinically competent to provide quality care. The college has appointed well qualified faculty to teach all non nursing subjects. Tutors /clinical instructors are available with B.Sc.(N) qualification to supervise the students in the clinical setting.

Clinical facility

Patient care

Supervised learning

Guided Learning

The students will acquire clinical training in parent hospital namely Yenepoya Specialty Hospital, Kodialbail with 250 beds and Yenepoya Medical College Hospital with 1050 beds. The college provides well planned clinical course of training to the students to care the patients with all kind of sickness.


The college has separate library with the size of 2500 sqft. The seating capacity of the library is 100 seats and equipped with around 2500 professional books. Journals of both Indian and international are available. Library cards are issued to students to have access to refer the books & journals. Helinet facilities are also available for both students and faculty. Students are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the library.










The college has well equipped laboratories to practice nursing subjects through demonstration such as Procedures on Nursing foundation & Medical surgical Nursing, Nutrition, Maternal and Child Health Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology and computer. In addition, the hospital laboratory is also utilized for the learning purpose.

Extra curricular activities

Students are provided with opportunity to organize and participate in different cultural festivals. Students regularly organize & conduct Health Education Programmes in hospital as well as in the community. Indoor and outdoor recreational activities are also encouraged. Various cultural, co-cultural programmes are organized by the students under Student Nurses Association activities.

Health Services

Health records of students are maintained in the college. Students requiring medical consultation/treatment should inform to warden and hostel incharge. Concerned students will be accompanied by the warden to our hospital for the treatment. The students must get the entry of clinical details including prescribed treatment by the physician on the health record. College is not responsible for treatment of pre-existing illness detected during medical check-up and illness due to negligence on duty or outside duty hours.

Transport Facility

The college buses are available to facilitate transport of students from the hostel to college & clinical areas.


Visitors are allowed in the hostel only on sunday between 9:00 -4:00 pm. Student should take permission from the Principal in the College/Warden in the hostel before meeting the relatives. Only close relatives like parents, own brothers/ sisters registered with photos during admission are permitted as visitors. During working hours visitors are discouraged unless it is an emergency. The visitor needs to explain the emergency to the Principal and after getting permission only will be permitted to meet their wards.


Students are expected to go home only as per the pre-planned schedule of the college. Students are expected to follow the regulations laid for availing leave by the college and prior permission need to be obtained from the Principal by the parents/students for other types of family social occasions.

Hostel Facilities and Mess

Hostel accommodation is compulsory for students. Wardens are appointed to help/supervise students in the Hostel. Mess facilities (both Veg. & Non-Veg.) are also available. Each student should remit the hostel rent & Mess fees as per notified schedule. Discipline in the hostel & mess is equally important. Each one should take care of their own valuables/ money. The authorities are not be responsible for the loss of valuables / money.

Only final year students are permitted to go out from the hostel for two days in a week(wednesday 4:30-5:30 pm & Sunday 9:00-4:00 pm) only after getting permission from the Principal. The students are expected to return to the hostel within the permitted period.


Clinical facility
Extra curricular activities
Health Services
Transport Facility
Hostel Facilities & Mess

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